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Prospering in 2018

Tis' the season of New Year's resolutions…whether you’re cutting back on sweets or determining budgets for the upcoming year. Think about establishing a strategic plan to grow your company with the world's largest customer, our federal government. Last year, there were approximately $90 billion in contracts awarded to small businesses in everything from furniture, construction, and marketing to information technology to cyber security. Wondering if the federal government is purchasing the Products and Services you provide…and how much? Visit the USA Spending website where you could customize your search to learn how much the government is buying and paying for your products/services and which agency is your best target!

Stop putting it off and begin taking strategic steps towards getting your company "Contract Ready" for 2018! Our "Contract Ready" training sessions provide intensive educational programs tailored to fit your company's size, products/services that will establish all of the key components needed to boost your government contracting business. Become a GovLEADer in 2018 and watch your sales take off! Contact us for a free consultation:

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