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My Journey… Becoming Your Government Contracting Mentor

For a little over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to directly connect, share success stories and communicate with thousands of business owners across America. Industries ranging from Goat herders, product manufactures, Scientists, Information Technology, Administrative, Marketing and Construction services, and you know what they all have in common? They were all small business government contractors.

While working with the federal government is not easy, it can definitely become a very lucrative, well-paying avenue to grow your business. After years of creating successful marketing programs for large corporations, I too decided to grow my business in government contracting and I haven't looked back!

I knew it was my time to take a stab at becoming a government contractor. I launched my business, Government Business Solutions, with an equity line of credit knowing that this was my one shot at growing my company in the government sector. Not soon thereafter I found out that running a one man (in this case woman) shop was very difficult, and like many of you know first hand, the bills become your most loyal friends!

To some, I’m not the typical government contractor. I didn’t start out with a lot of money, countless connections or even pre-set partnerships, But what I did have that no one could match, was my confidence, unwavering passion, and the will to succeed. Within one year of venturing out on my own – my perseverance paid off and I landed my first government contract. I knew I needed to make this opportunity an example I could share with potential government clients, so by the end of the contract I made sure to deliver on time, within budget and improved the agency’s ROI. I soon began to leverage the free resources available to small business owners and pursued the SBA 8(a) certification program immersing myself in the process and learning the fundamental pillars needed to succeed utilizing this fast-track nine (9) year business development program.

In 2003, I began providing guidance, education and training to thousands of small businesses on the importance of growing their business with government contracting. I served as a Small Business Programs advisor providing guidance to The Whitehouse Small Business Taskforce, serve as WIPP’s (Women Impacting Public Policy) National Partner where I promote advocacy among women owned small businesses and share ideas with SBA Washington D.C. officials on the small business’ perspectives as government contractors. And as an 8(a) certified Hispanic women-owned small business, I provided a “boots on the ground” approach towards helping other women-owned small businesses across the Nation succeed as federal government contractors.

In March 2016, I was recognized by the White House and the SBA and received an Award of Recognition for the on-going efforts to mentor Women-owned small businesses across America.

I currently continue to serve as the American Express OPEN’s Advisor on Government Contracting. In partnership with American Express OPEN, I’ve helped create resources and guides that offer “mainstreet” shortcuts to all small business owners, ranging from the novice business owner interested in pursuing government contracts to the more experienced government contractor wanting to explore other methods of winning government contracts. As Government Contracting Advisor I’ve been featured in over 790 media publications including FOX Business News, MSNBC, CNN Money, MONEY Inc, the Washington POST, the New York Times, Huffington Post, The Federal Times etc.

“We are the ‘Cliffs Notes’ of the federal procurement industry,”

It's important to note a few things when thinking about becoming a government contractor, several of our small business successes were located in communities that never even considered the federal government as a viable customer, which shows you that location doesn’t matter. If a federal agency is located in a building across the globe, they need your products and services. For example, federal courthouses, municipal buildings, museums, military bases, they all need daily operational supplies as well as janitorial services, miscellaneous construction services, landscaping services, and event management & administrative support. These products/services could be provided by local small businesses just like YOURS.

After so many years of educating and training small businesses on how to grow and succeed as government contractors while simultaneously listening to these same small businesses’ and federal agency officials pain points on growing and working with each other – I decided to develop a program built on the pillars of leadership, value, and character and launched The LEAD Program, a non-profit organization built to continue to serve businesses in the private or public sector that need assistance to surpass any growing pains. LEAD is focused on offering a one of a kind leadership training curriculum, skills development, capacity building and marketing program strategies that effectively arm its recipients with proven and successful training to help ensure their government contracting success. This step by step program, outlined in our Government Contract Ready Playbook is my tried and true, key to success.

Our Goal at The LEAD Program is to LEVERAGE the wealth of knowledge we’ve acquired over so many years along with that of our amazing LEAD trainers so that we can EMPOWER countless more business owners and communities to ATTAIN the expertise and know how they will need to best DELIVER the results necessary for sustainable business growth! What we offer them is the basis and footing required for success in their respective business sector. Just as the foundation of a building needs to sustain the weight of its structure, your business’ frame and business culture should be created efficiently to connect with your client, whether it's a public or private organization.

As business professionals you could spend countless hours, days, and months picking apart books and websites trying to learn how to navigate and grow your business with government contracts, or you can learn from a team of LEADers who have the key ingredients necessary to help your business grow with government contracts successfully.

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