Beginner Sessions

Government Contracting 101

Beginner Session, lead by Lourdes Martin-Rosa that will discuss how to begin the government contracting process

  • Where and how to register your business.

  • Best practices

Marketing To The World’s Largest Customer

Learn how to effectively market to the federal government, search for government contracts before they are posted and create marketing strategies that will assist in your success as a government contractor.

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Intermediate Sessions

8(a) Certification Program

Provides a step-by-step simple certification roadmap to help you prepare and obtain your SBA 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business certification.

Woman-owned Small Business Certification Program

Prepare your woman-owned small business and become self-certified as a SBA Woman-owned or Economically Disadvantage Woman-owned small business.  You’ll also learn key techniques on how to market using this new certification program.

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What your training will look like...

Each training event includes 2-3 hours of high-intensity training. Learn different aspects of government contracting from experienced industry professionals, and entrepreneurial expansion from our experts.


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