Government Contract Ready Playbook

The LEAD Program was created to bring together small businesses and experts in the field of federal contracting to provide you with time, space, and the proven successful mentorship you can utilize to win your first contract. Through our “Government Contract Ready Playbookwe have developed a six phase training series that fully prepares you with a clear recipe for success by becoming a GovLEADer™. Whether you’ve never sold to the government or have some contracting experience under your belt; this guide will discuss best practices and provide the critical resources for success in the government contracting world. Let us LEAD you on your path to getting Government Contract Ready.

Phase One

Frame Your Business

Phase Two

Create Your Business Identity

Phase Three

Analyze Your Business Landscape

Phase Four

Market Your Business

Phase Five

Implement Best Practices

Phase Six

Leverage Success for Growth

Kick Start Your Government Contracting Journey with The LEAD Program