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The LEAD Program accelerates entrepreneurs’ capabilities with innovative business growth ideas. Leverage connections, Empower themselves, Attain opportunities, with an end goal to Deliver success.  We’ve adopted a clear recipe for success, by utilizing proven tools, trainings and resources, to set the playing field for business owners to grow their business and create jobs! 

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Comprised of business owners, entrepreneurs, industry LEADers, and our dedicated staff, we're focused on building a legacy of small business government contractors offering "best in class" products and services to our government and corporate clients.  By connecting thousands of small businesses with federal, state, local and corporate buyers, we have and continue to arm entrepreneurs with the tools, trainings, and opportunities to grow their business in the private & public sector.  With over 30 years experience in the procurement sector we aim to train our clients on how to leverage our valuable connections and resources to expand and grow their business through government contracting.